Respond to each of the following questions with a well-written essay:
1. Discuss the distinction Tönnies makes between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft as it relates to our understanding of the concept of “community.” (10 pts)
2. Discuss the history, present condition, and future of community studies. (15 pts)
3. Describe in detail at least one of the three historical types of “community studies” (traditional, working class, or urban). (10 pts)
4. Describe the implications of the contemporary understanding of “community” as being “socially constructed.” Be sure to include specific information about how this understanding differs from traditional understandings of “community” and how it influences the way you understand “community.” (15 pts)
5. What is “social capital?” What makes “social capital” so important to both individuals and the communities to which they belong? (15 pts)
6. Discuss the trends in “civic engagement” and “social capital” that Putnam outlines in Bowling Alone. What is the significance, according to Putnam, of these trends? What do they mean and why does it matter? (20 pts)
7. According to Putnam in Bowling Alone, what are the possible causes of the changes in Civic Engagement and Social Capital that have taken place in the United States? (15 pts)
8. What are some of the lessons Putnam outlines from America’s “Gilded Age” and “Progressive Era” that we might learn from in order to cope with contemporary trends in civic engagement. How might an understanding of these historical periods help us? (15 pts)
9.Discuss the impact the Internet has had on the overall level of social capital in the United States? (10 pts)
Responses to the items above should be typed double space with 12 pt Times Roman font, using one inch margins on all sides. Direct quotes should be used minimally, but cited correctly with a works cited page and in-text citations. Good responses should cover each item fully, but succinctly.


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