Group Project (35%): Social Media Marketing in the UAE
Social media is used by billions of people around the world and has fast become one of the defining technologies of our time. Globally, the total number of social media users is estimated to grow to 3.29 billion users in 2022, which will be 42.3% of the world’s population (eMarketer 2018). Given the massive potential audience available who are spending many hours a day using social media across the various platforms, it is not surprising that marketers have embraced social media as a marketing channel.
Social media marketing is the utilization of social media technologies, channels and software to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings that have value for an organization and its stakeholders. Due to the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of social media—and how consumers use it—the future of social media in marketing might not be merely a continuation of what we have already seen. Therefore, we ask a pertinent question, what is the future of social media in marketing?
Working in groups of 5, you are required to produce a qualitative research report using secondary information and qualitative data collection to analyze a problem of your choosing. While you have to investigate a research problem related to the role of social media in marketing, you are free to tackle this topic from any perspective: the growing role of influencers on consumer preferences, generation gaps in social media usage, the “loneliness epidemic,” the spread of fake news through social media… Remember, you are conducting research to understand consumer behavior in the UAE, feel free to utilize any knowledge from your previous Consumer Behavior (MKT 335) course.
Your report should use between 12 and 15 secondary resources including news sources (e.g., The National), government statistics sites, academic journals (minimum of 4; examples include Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research), and the Euromonitor database, and should take the following format:


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