Week 4 Discussion Questions (choose at least THREE to discuss in your initial posting)
Think about some of your friends and what you have discovered by visiting their homes. Do they buy different things than you do? If so, why? How might a company distinguish you from them in terms of its targeting?
Is it always harder to find new customers than it is to retain old ones or does it depend on the business you’re in?
Does one-to-one marketing have to be expensive? How can small organizations interact with their customers in a cost-effective way?
Are large companies better off using multi-segment strategies and small companies better off using niche strategies? Why or why not?
How have companies such as JCPenney and Sears tried to change their position (reposition their stores)?
Do you think hotel companies have segmented the market too much and confused customers?
Keep in mind – Specific Rules for Discussions- references are required for this weeks discussion.


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