Evolution of Research in Biobehavioral Health
For this assignment, I have included 2 review articles (see pdfs below); one published in 1996 (Drinking Among Young Adults: Prevalence, Patterns, & Consequences by Quigley & Marlatt) and one published in 2014 (The Burden of Alcohol Use: Excessive Alcohol consumption & Related Consequences Among College Students by White & Hingson). The objective of this assignment is to expose you to how research changes over time. You need to read the 2 review articles and then discuss how research on alcohol consumption/binge drinking has changed over nearly 20 years. You should focus on differences in topics of interest, approaches to studying the issues and the findings being reported.
The written document you submit needs to contain the following:
Summarize the main points addressed in each review article. Make your summaries separate sections but you can use either bullet points or paragraph format and be sure to indicate which article you are summarizing. (5 points for content)
Pick 2 differences between the review articles to discuss in detail. Focus on content differences (e.g. one review includes a topic the other does not or the pattern of results on the same topic is different between the two reviews) not in how the articles are written. For the 2 differences, I want a separate paragraph that includes a detailed description of the difference and your opinion on the factors that may have contributed to the difference (e.g. social, scientific, political …). (10 points for content)
Determine whether you think research in this area is moving in the correct direction. If yes, include a discussion of the specific areas of current research you think are particularly important. If no, discuss the areas you think current research needs to focus on. (5 points for content)
5 points for quality of writing (i.e. organization of ideas, grammar, spelling). Be sure to write in complete sentences and paragraphs.
I will upload the two articles in the files.


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