Question: How should we understand the relation between imperialism and industrialisation?
This is the question the essay should answer.
The length of the paper is 2000 words (+-10%) excluding footnote citations and bibliography. In-text citations count
towards the word limit.
Papers between 1600 and 1800 or between 2200 and 2300 words will have a deduction of 1 point.
Papers below 1500 words or above 2300 will receive an automatic fail.
The following readings are required to use in the essay:
Osterhammel, Jürgen. The Transformation of the World. A Global History of the Nineteenth Century (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014), pp. 658-667 and 724-743.
Cobden, Richard. “On the Total and Immediate Repeal of the Corn Laws”, 15th of January 1846 in Richard Cobden, Speeches on Questions of Public Policy by Richard Cobden, MP., ed. John Bright and J.E. Thorold Rogers, vol. 1 (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1908), pp. 181-187.
Burbank, Jane, and Frederick Cooper, “Imperial Repertoires and Myths of Modern Colonialism”. In Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference, Chapter 10
Aalberts, Tanja. “Ritual Markings and Colonial (dis)ordering” in Aalberts, T., Kurowska, X., Leander, A., Mälksoo Maria, Heath-Kelly, C., Lobato, L., & Svensson, T. (2020). “Rituals of world politics: on (visual) practices disordering things.” Critical Studies on Security, 1-25. Only short text by Tanja Aalberts of the bottom of page 5-7. Figure 1 is also allowed to be used as this will count as a primary source.
ONE of the following readings:
Austin, Gareth. 2013. “Capitalism and the colonies.” In The Cambridge History of Capitalism,
Vol 2. edited by Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson, 301-47. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press
Anievas, Alexander, and Kerem Nişancıoğlu. 2015. How the West Came to Rule. The
Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism. London: Pluto Press. Especially chapters 5 “ The
Atlantic Sources of European Capitalism, Territorial Sovereignty and the Modern Self “
and Chapter 8 “Origins of the Great Divergence over the Longue Durée: Rethinking the
‘Rise of the West’”
The course for this paper mainly focussed on the 19th century, so be sure to focus on that or make connections.


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