In this discussion you should first make a post in which you do the following.
1. Define false advertising.
2. Identify three examples of false advertising (this can include quackery discussed in an earlier unit) from the last five years. Then discuss if there is anyway for consumers to protect themselves.
3. Identify three examples from the last five years of unsafe products and discuss what consumers can do to protect themselves if anything.
4. Do you think the federal government through the FTC (false adverts) and the CPSC (unsafe products) do enough to protect consumers? In other words do you think the current level of regulation is at the right level?
Explain your answer and support it.
You should make your first post by the end of the day on Thursday (11/10) to give you classmates time to respond to your post. See the rubric for grading criteria.
You should support your post with external citations when used. Cite your sources in APA format to the best of your ability.
Text Reference – Payne, B.K. (2022). White Collar Crime: A Systems Approach. (3rd ed.). SAGE Publications.


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