Research the question: How do politics and politicians influence the public’s perception of crime and the creation and enforcement of the law given the broad scope of this
topic you are also encouraged to focus your research on a narrower issue or dimension of the
larger topic. Your objective is to “answer” one of these questions in a brief essay that clearly
summarizes and presents empirical evidence from the existing scholarship or academic literature.
The assignment is similar to a literature review.
Your sources should include a sample of studies that are published in reputable journals or books, and
that represents the answer or answers that are most widely accepted among scholars researching
that question. Since the page limit is short, keep quotes brief. If you quote someone or make
allusions to their ideas in your paper, place their name, the publication year of the work, and the
page number in a parenthetical statement like this: (Jepson, 2017: p.156). A full citation of the
work should be made in the bibliography at the end of the paper (website links are not acceptable



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