QUESTION: Hegel attempts to “sublate” aspects of liberal political economy into a political theory that is often thought of as communitarian, if not statist and anti-liberal.  Can Hegel’s re-conceptualization of private property, markets and competitive individualism within the context of holistic account of “ethical totality” succeed in changing the ontological meaning of individual self-determination without violating the promise of individual liberty cherished by the Anglo-American tradition?
– Essay style, WITHOUT the formal requirements of introductions Nor conclusions citations Nor bibliography.
– A clear thesis statement is required.
– This is an open question, here you’re asked to make an argument on your own account, which draws from at least two philosophers surveyed in this course that is not simply a representation of how those philosophers would have answered the question so i’m looking for you to hazard a response on your own, so you may either draw upon arguments made by the philosopher surveyed in this course to support your opinion or your position or use them sort of dialectically it’s critical foils for advancing your own argument and opposition to establish an arguments or a mixture of both to some extent.
– And whatever argumentative strategy you use I want you to take responsibility for the claim making not simply say Marx says yada yada and end of story or Nietzsche yada yada end of the story.
– The claims that you are advancing obviously cannot be definitive or authoritative but they’re expected to have at least prima fascia plausibility as the basis of an argument that could be further developed.
– It also means I expect these answers, although they could be developed in ways that expand beyond the course content.
– I strongly advise you to think about why am I asking this question in the context of this course, and in what context that we talked about the idea of a spontaneous order and what context have we talked about the idea of philosophy of history and therefore what would be a thesis that could be supported by what you have learned about either in the context of this course.


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