Final Critical Analysis: A 5-6 page (not including bibliography) double spaced new times roman 12 pt font paper that addresses one of the two following options:
1) A comparison and contrast of two of the previous discussion board films using one or more core geographic concepts discussed throughout the term. Students may for example choose to:
Compare and contrast the portrayal of gender, class, and sexuality in Dirty Dancing and Dirty Pretty Things
Compare and contrast how the concept of personhood is deployed in Avatar and Dirty Pretty Things and compare and contrast the role that scale and economic incentives play in Avatar and Dirty Pretty Things.
Compare and contrast the role of nature in Smoke Signals and Avatar, or the role of gendered social expectations and classed/raced stereotypes in Dirty Dancing and Smoke Signals
Another combination of films and core concepts of the student’s choosing
2) Choose out of the following film or TV series season(s) to provide an analysis, using one or more core geographic concepts discussed throughout the term. The difficulty here is that TAs will not have the obligation to view the film, so a short (one page max, although one paragraph is also fine) synopsis of the film/tv season(s) must be provided. This synopsis will not count towards the 5-6 page requirement.
The expanse (any season/s)
Minority Report (film)
Pose (any season/s)
Reservation Dogs (season 1)
Judge Dredd (2012 version ONLY)
The Visitor (film)
Robocop (1987 film ONLY)
Your choice with TA approval (deadline for submitting request for TA approval: Thursday April 21st, 11:59 pm)
Each paper requires a minimum of three academic references, two of which must come from readings assigned for this class (all three may as well), and a minimum total of 4 references, including academic and non-academic. Academic references are books published with academic publishers or peer-reviewed journal articles, not websites, newspaper articles or other beyond what I have laid out here. These other sources of information may be used but do not count towards the minimum number of academic references needed. Information gathered from websites MUST have author details. If the page doesn’t have any author information, you cannot use it in your paper. I greatly encourage all papers to have a thesis statement structure and format, however given that this is a first year course it is not strictly required. Please visit the writing center if you are unfamiliar with thesis statement structure or structuring ideas presented in term papers generally speaking.


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