There are 2 parts to this post.
Part 1
Please answer each of the following questions (roughly 75-150 words for each will do):
1. Assess the presidency of Andrew Jackson and consider some of the major developments that took place during his lifetime.
2. John C. Calhoun & the state of South Carolina famously declared that they could nullify a federal law if they found it to be unconstitutional. Though different in form, can you think of contemporary examples of cities or states that have taken the position that they do not have to follow federal laws that they disagree with & thus are engaging in their own form of nullification?
3. Discuss the Trail of Tears.
Part 2
Please respond to each of the following in roughly 75-150 words for each:
A) Was the Old South different? How? Discuss with reference to Govan’s article.
B) Discuss an Antebellum reform movement or two. The American Yawp is quite good on this topic, and I have some sources in the module on it too.
C) How did Southerners justify slavery? There are primary sources in the module — you should pay attention to John C. Calhoun and Reverend Fuller — and The AY is good on this one too.


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