A major component of the course requirements are two mini-projects. The goal of these projects is to allow you to get exposed to relevant topics learned in this class in a way that is more closely related to actual engineering practice than a homework or exam. You have more time to complete the project, and have access to more resources than on an exam, but the scope of work is also greater and the expectations are higher. The second mini-project consists of designing a pump and pipeline system for a private transportation company.
You will design a pump and pipeline system for private transportation company. The task is to pump water from a huge storage tank A (on ground) to a large tank B (at an elevation of 10 ft) of a distillation column. The pipeline is about 2,000 ft in length. In addition, the system has 2 globe valve, 1 swing check valves, and 8 pieces of 90o standard elbows as accessories. The connections between the pipe and tanks (A and B) to the pipeline are considered as sudden contraction and sudden expansion, respectively. The required volumetric flow rate is 400 gal/min (minimum flow rate). You are required to:
Select the suitable US schedule 40 pipe (must use the fixed diameter for whole system).
Calculate the minimum power of the pump, and compare them at different pipeline size.
Estimate efficiency of the pump of your choice at the working conditions (Chapter 10 content).
Discuss the potential of optimizing the integrated process considering different pipeline sizes and pumping system (Techno-economic evaluations).
Write your report in an essay format that should include introduction with problem statement, methodology, results (calculations and figures), discussions (recommended design and implications) and conclusion.


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