Identify an ethical issue facing the Army from a leader’s perspective. Describe
the root cause of this issue and its impact on the Army. Then, offer a
recommended solution using ethical lenses. The assignment must address
the root cause, and the impact on the
Army and demonstrate how you derived your solution (recommendation) using
the ethical lenses. Write a no less than 1300 and no
more than 2000 words essay (not including cover and references page) using at
least 4 scholarly sources and a minimum of four Level One Headings counting the
The requirements for this essay are listed
· Writing assignments will consist of no less
than 1300 words and not more than 2000 words (not
including the title page, reference page, and appendixes).
· Assignment will have a minimum of four Level One Headings
(the conclusion is counted in this number).
· The typed assignment will be double spaced; Times New Roman


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