5-7 double-spaced type pages on a topic of interest to the student relating to course material or on psychoactive substance(s)/use.
All references must be cited. No maximum/minimum number of references.
APA or any approved format is acceptable.
Paper can be research or opinion based
Drinking Age
DWI: Legal, Social, Medical Issues
Drugs and the Media:
Positive vs. Negative
Addicted Babies
Harm Reduction/Needle Exchange Programs
Over-the-Counter Drugs
Alcohol/Drug Use on College Campuses
Second Hand Smoke
Smokeless Tobacco
Rave Drugs
Diet Aids
Legalization of Marijuana: Pro’s vs Con’s
Drug Education/Prevention Program
Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Use
Advertising & Tobacco Products
AA and NA
Methadone Treatment Programs
Crime, Violence & Drugs
Psychotropic Drugs for Mental Health Treatment
Marijuana for Medical Purposes


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