Complete the assignment according to the terms listed under Topic below.  Your research paper is due during week 15 ONLY.  April 18-24, 2022
TOPIC: Research Methods in Sexuality:
There are several research methods used in the field of human sexuality.  Identify 4 of them and describe the research methods.  Be sure to comment on potential benefits, shortcomings, and ethical issues of for each method.  Report the purpose of the method, it’s usefulness and if it is among the most popular methods in use today?
Your paper must consist of a 1-title page, 4-full pages of content and 1-reference page, for a total of 6 pages.  Your paper will be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font with at least 4 resources including your e-text as a reference.  This assignment must be uploaded in the appropriate section under week 15 only.  It will not be accepted before nor after week 15.


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