Prompt to Answer: What aspects of Old Regime society did Beaumarchais (author of Marriage of Figaro) critique, and what do you think his main criticisms were? What made Beaumarchais’ critique so compelling to audiences? (As a reminder, in class we brainstormed some of these together: you might think about masters and their servants, the legal and social role of the aristocracy, public vs. private spaces, gender relations, liberty vs. equality, expertise vs. incompetence…)
In your answer, MAKE SURE TO reference specific scenes and details from the play, and use what you know from lectures and from your textbook, especially Ch. 10, to explain what aspects of the social order were changing. I have attached both the play and Chapter 10. Please be sure to reference this material to support your arguments.
Please be sure to answer ALL QUESTIONS WITHIN THE PROMPT. Remember to reference both sources attached to support your argument. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.


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