In this discussion, you will discuss issues related to discipline in public education from the perspective of a school principal.
Create a 500-word post in which you cite at least four supporting resources and address the following questions:
1. First, select an actual school in the U.S. public education sector to use as the foundation for this activity. It can be a school at which you have been or are currently affiliated or one that you are familiar with through collateral work or research.
2. Then briefly describe the school and the students it serves.
3. Next, in your role as principal, identify the types of behaviors warranting discipline that you believe would most frequently occur at the school, and explain the rationale for each of your selections.
4.What procedural and substantive due process rights would a student have in a disciplinary proceeding for each of these offenses?
How would you decide when to involve law enforcement in a disciplinary incident?
How would you guard against racial, ethnic, gender, or socio-economic-based bias(es) in disciplining students?


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