Response Paper 3: The Importance of Language in the Abrahamic Religions
Using specific examples and in your own words, write a 3 – 4 page paper responding to the following question:
What religious significance does language and written texts have for Abrahamic worshippers? Are there any significant differences or similarities in the ways that these religions use language and written texts?
Submission: You must submit an electronic copy (through Canvas) of your response paper by Finals week.
Format: Your paper must be between 2 and 4 pages in length, divided into easily understood paragraphs, word-processed and formatted as follows: Double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12. Please include your name and class number at the top of every page.
Important: You MUST cite ALL of the sources that you have used to write your argument paper. Any failure to do so will be classed as plagiarism and result in your paper receiving an immediate F (0), which will substantially affect your grade and may result in further, more severe consequences. If it is unclear what is or what isn’t classed as plagiarism, or if you need help in learning how to cite sources, please contact me or consult the student handbook.
Please note the following:
Explain your reasoning!
Make sure that this paper is argumentative: Start your paper by introducing your argument, and finish your paper with a brief conclusion that reiterates your argument. The middle bit is where you explain and defend your argument.
Support your explanation and argument with textual evidence taken from the textbook.
You are encouraged to use first-person pronouns when expressing your argument.
Be open-minded, critical, and fair!
Only use appropriate internet resources! Any use of inappropriate internet sources will result in a 1-grade penalty. (e.g. B+ becomes B)
Instead of using the Internet, try using the library.


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