Purpose: analyze the potential impact on cultural identity and the relations between cultural groups of cultural stereotypes, labeling, and misrepresentations found in mainstream media and popular culture The overall purpose is to have awareness and raise awareness of stereotypes that are seen in the media and to analyze the effects these stereotypes have on both the minority cultures who are the targets of these stereotypes and on the majority culture. Task: you need to find an example of cultural stereotyping found on a television show or in a movie. Then, you need to explain what effect you think they have on both the minority cultures who are the targets of these stereotypes and on the majority cultures who see them. Steps 1. Pick a cultural group that is stereotyped in the media 2. Find a movie or a TV show that shows this cultural stereotyping 3. Explain who is being stereotyped and how 4. Explain the effects this stereotyping has on the minority cultures who are the target 5. Explain the effects this stereotyping has on the majority of cultures who see them 6. Complete your assignment and submit it to Turnitin under the assignment label “Cultural Stereotypes in the Media” Note: this is not a research assignment, which means the majority of your ideas will be based on your inferences. However, you cannot make up stereotypes, so you may need to research different stereotypes found in the media. Steps and Due Date: 1. Write down your ideas and complete your research Share with Ms. Richmond the cultural group you have chosen, the stereotype, and the example in a TV show or movie for approval (my job is to make sure we are being accurate) 2. Create your report 3. This assignment does not require research; however, if you have used research, you must use in-text citations and a reference page APA 7 format For the next activity and assignment, we must approach cultural stereotypes respectfully. This means this is a stereotype you have researched and found the information to support that this is a stereotype that is supported by your research. It cannot be something you think or feel because we do not want to cross the line of being offensive, hurtful, or racist. For example about black women: stereotypes in the help, gone with the wind stereotype: Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire. Criterias:Knowledge -understanding of a cultural stereotype. Student demonstrates an in-depth understanding of a cultural stereotype found in the media that can be supported with evidence. Thinking – analyses example given and draws conclusions about how example demonstrates of cultural stereotyping. analyses example and draws conclusions about stereotyping with a high degree of effectiveness. Communication -clearly communicates the results of inquiry by writing clearly, organizing ideas logically and using language conventions properly . communicates and organizes ideas with a high degree of effectiveness . Application -applies knowledge of stereotyping to explain how media examples affect minority and majority cultures -includes in-text citations and references IF NECESSARY . makes connections between stereotypes in the media and effects on cultures with a high degree of effectiveness



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