Generalist social work practice has three levels of intervention; please briefly describe these levels of social work: micro practice-working with individuals & families, mezzo -working with groups, and macro level-working with communities.
Describe & explain the role & duties of a generalist social work practitioner (such as a broker, advocate, counselor, teacher, and facilitator.)
List some public or private job settings that you will find generalist social work practitioners.
From the previous question, you will notice from your research that these jobs will require a bachelor’s degree, or perhaps even a master’s degree; however, most of these jobs will also require the social worker to have therapeutic casework and or case management experience.
List some public or private agencies where you might find case managers and/ or case workers employed.
The dynamics & interactive processes used in generalist social work practice as mentioned throughout your textbook are as follows: engagement, assessment, intervention, & evaluation.
Engagement- the establishing of a working relationship (empathy)
Assessment-the gathering information to determine the presenting problem(s).
Intervention-plan of action (setting goals) & referrals & linkages, & lastly,
Evaluation-monitor & analyze interventions, & termination of services
Conclusion, where do you see yourself upon graduating with your bachelor’s degree in social work, or another field? What interests you about that field? What role do you expect to play in that field. Your paper should be completed on Microsoft WORD and APA style, and it should be free of grammar, spelling, and typographical errors. Refer to course outline for due date.



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