Reply these questions based on the chapter
1- What point of agreement existed between socialists and German theorist Karl Marx?
Karl Marx, a German theorist, agreed with socialists that bourgeois capitalism had tainted humanity, but his notion of social change was even more extreme since it advocated a bloody revolution that would overthrow the current system and bring in a new one. At the University of Berlin, Marx pursued legal and philosophical studies before starting his job. After moving to Paris, he made a longtime friend in writer and social scientist Friedrich Engels. Marx and Engels both held an unfavorable view of the results of European industrial capitalism. Together, they penned “The Communist Manifesto,” a brief essay that served as the Communist League, a workers’ organization, platform. Marx argued that the circumstances of one’s employment dictated all other sides of life and that human history could only be understood in strictly materialistic terms.
2- How did the Industrial Revolution affect the world socially and economically?
The Industrial Revolution took place between 1750-1850 while other important revolutions were also taking place. The Industrial Revolution is known to be one of the most important revolutions out of all of them since so many inventions came out of it such as electricity, cars, and technology. People were able to find work because of it as well. How did the Industrial Revolution affect the world socially and economically?



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