Each Question post needs to have an minimum word count of 250 words.
1.Why would employers seek to hire people with good management skills?
2.The essentials for being a successful manager in an organization have basically remained the same over time.
3.An unethical person with poor values can still be an effective manager in the workplace.
4. Debate and Defend or Refute: Developing cultural awareness is not that important for managers who are working for a global organization.
5. Debate and Defend or Refute: A manager should always be able to achieve goals that are SMART regardless of the situation.
6. Debate and Defend or Refute: As a strategic manager, it is always better to promote the company’s brand rather than the company’s product?
7. Debate and Defend or Refute: Is it more important for a manager to make legal decision(s) rather than ethical decision(s).
8. Debate and Defend or Refute: Employees working in an organization should have the freedom to choose whether they will adapt the organization’s culture or not?
9. Debate and Defend or Refute: Employers should be more concerned with the skills and qualifications of the individual rather than how well they interview and present themselves when deciding to hire a person?
10. Debate and Defend or Refute: Managers should tell their employees as little as possible about major company changes that will affect them to avoid employees panicking?
11. Debate and Defend or Refute: Managers should treat all employees exactly the same in the workplace regards of their circumstances and/or situations, etc.
12. Debate and Defend or Refute: Employees should be self-motivated and not rely on their managers to motivate them to do their jobs.
13. Debate and Defend or Refute: It is not realistic for people assigned to work together in groups and/or teams to not experience conflict or have problem.
14. Effective leadership is more about the person utilizing the power of their position rather than their influence to leader and/or manage people in their organization.
15.Debate and Defend or Refute: What a manager says has a much stronger impact on enhancing employee performance and/or response than what a manager does in his/her actions.



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