Topic: Globalization & Culture
Make an introduction for Globalization & Culture (Define and link these terms), Something like this:
“Globalization is the exchange of goods, traditions and services, as part of a series of processes (economic, cultural, social, technological, and institutional) that contribute to the worldwide interaction between Individuals and Societies. Globalization refers to the occurrence of one or more of the five factors on a global scale, such as the economic element of trading, through imports and exports. Apple and Amazon are noteworthy companies whose products are exported over the globe and whose products are included in international trade.
Culture is a broad term that incorporates a society’s social behavior, institutions, and traditions, as well as an individual’s knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, talents, and habits. Culture is frequently attributed or originated in a specific locality or region. The practice and tradition of the religion of Islam, for instance, was developed in modern-day Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and continues to be practiced there and abroad, including Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and even France in Europe, becoming global.”
“You should define the terms “Globalization” and “culture” before explaining how cultural globalization exchanges impact the world positively or negatively.”
Then make a thesis statement related to Diasporas and Nationalist Backlash.
Use PEEL (Point Explanation Example Link) Paragraphs when writing the report, ending with a conclusion. Make a minimum of 2 PEEL body paragraphs, with the points being related to Diasporas and Nationalist Backlash (Include examples), then linking them. (Can also include using the PEEL format twice in one paragraph with a topic sentence and concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph.)
“In your conclusion you should give a summary of what you have written including whether your chosen factors have had a positive or negative impact on globalized cultural exchanges.”
Also use relevant/supporting Images, Graphs, Maps and Visuals.
The first attachment is both the Grading Rubric and additional instructions/guidelines.
Site on Globalization:



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