What Is Hempcrete?
Hempcrete is a composite made of natural materials, lime and hemp. The lime component consists of air lime that is formulated to speed up the setting process. The hurds are made using hemp stalks. Hemp is a plant that can be grown without using plant protection chemicals, requires little water and contributes to agricultural soil regeneration. The combination of lime and hemp creates a natural concrete which is lightweight, or ultra-lightweight even. Its thermal mass and vapour permeability properties result in high-performance buildings capable of meeting current and future thermal regulations.
Advantges of Hempcrete
It is resistant against mold as well as it is a moisture absorbent. It allows for natural ventilation of the building. It provides excellent acoustics. It is light weighted and moreover, it is environmental friendly too.
Disadvantges of Hempcrete
Hempcrete walls are thicker in size as compared to other walls which reduce the carpet area.
Hempcrete has low compressive strength.
It also has low elastic modulus which makes it unsuitable for direct loads.
It cannot be used for heavy loads, it requires frames to carry loads.
Appliction of Hempcrete
Hempcrete is made from lime and hemp shivs (a waste product from hemp fiber growing); it can be used for walls, floors, and for roof insulation; it’s breathable, absorbing and emitting moisture to regulate internal humidity and avoid trapped moisture and mold growth.
Uses of Hempcrete
As external and internal Wall insulation.
As floors and roof Insulation.
Underneath floors.

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