Question 1: (25%)
What is the role of a Change Agent? What is the difference between a Change Agent and a Change Leader?
A family company wants to start a process of internationalization of the business.
In this case:
a) Who is the Change Agent, Change Leader, and Change Manager?
b) Can you explain the most suitable model of leadership to implement this change?
Question 2: (25%)
What are the steps in a Change Management Project?
Explain the activities to perform in each step focused on a real example.
Question 3: (25%)
An important car manufacturer wants to implement a new Information System to connect to all its suppliers and inform about the needs of materials for each production order.
Use the Change Cube Diagnosis Model to evaluate the organization’s ability to effectively implement this change. Question 4: (25%)
What are the different rooms in the Change House Model? Provide examples of companies for each room.
Wordcount 1500-2000 words
Harvard bibliography
deadline Saturday 26th


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