Principles and practice of leadership
From your reading analyse which aspects of leadership theory would support you to carry out effective change management in your chosen area (parental engagement).
The list below is just to remind you of some of the areas that we’ve looked at. You DO NOT need to write about them all. You need to choose which approach/es would best suit your own leadership style (transformational leadership) and how it will bring about effective change management, linked to your action plan.
-transformational/ transactional/distributed leadership for SENCo
-paradigm of leadership (operational, strategic, participator coach) Twyman’s (2013) paradigm
-other aspects of theory that you feel are relevant
This will be the largest section of this part of the essay as there will be a lot to discuss here. Bring in critical evaluation around the pros and cons of the approach/es you will be drawing on and how some parts of the approach/es will be more appropriate for some parts of the action plan than others.
References to use
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