Answer each of the following in at least 100 words: IN YOUR OWN WORDS!
1. What was the significance of the creation of the Department of Defense and the CIA in the immediate postwar period? Why was the United States so focused on its national security? What impact do you think the creation of the DOD and the CIA had on American society?
2. Why was Jim Crow vulnerable in the 1950s when it had been resistant to change for so long? What were the advantages and the disadvantages of nonviolence as a tactic? What were the limits of what nonviolent resistance was able to accomplish?
3. Why is 1968 considered “the year of the student”? How did the occupation at Columbia University embody the sentiment of student radicalism? What aspect of this event was a catalyst for the women’s liberation movement?
4. How and why did the public’s view of the Vietnam War change over time? Had you been in college in the late 1960s, how do you think you might have viewed and responded to the war?
5. How did the mentality of the Nixon White House contribute to the break-in at the Watergate in June 1972? Should President Nixon have been impeached or faced criminal charges? What lessons – if any – does Watergate teach about the abuse of presidential power?
6. When you review the long sweep of U.S. history, do you think the country’s best days are ahead of us or behind us? Why? (There’s no right or wrong answer, but give it some thought.)
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