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Create a report to cover the
pre-implementation and implementation phases of the change management plan in
the course scenario. Refer to the Case for Change Guide to
ensure relevant organizational data is considered.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric
Identify two key stakeholders or
sponsor roles for the change process from the Singapore headquarters and
the U.S. branch.
Refer to the Leaders’ Self-Evaluations document for
additional context.
Discuss the significance of each stakeholder’s
role in gaining buy-in, acceptance, and support for change across
How can each stakeholder improve the change
initiatives’ likelihood of success (for example, by acting as opinion
leaders, connectors, counselors, and journalists)?
Identify strategic goals that align
with the change management plan and provide rationale. Consider the
following in your response:
Refer to the Vision, Mission, and
Strategic Goals; U.S. Branch Overview;
and Leaders’ Self-Evaluations.
Ensure there is alignment with the change management
plan and the strategic goals of the organization (Singaporean
headquarters and U.S. branch).
Research emerging trends that could influence
employees of the U.S. branch.
Explain how improvements to organizational
systems can ensure successful and sustained behavioral change.
Refer to the Exit Interviews to
identify the areas of change.
What are the processes, procedures, or policies that
need improvement?
How will these improvements impact the behavioral
change of employees at the U.S. branch?
Recommend at least two enhancement strategies
for team collaboration.
Refer to the Exit Interviews and Leaders’ Self
Evaluations to identify the problems of team collaboration.
What are the reasons for lack of collaboration between
team members across both locations of the organization?
How can an individual performer become a team player
to improve team collaboration?
How should leadership behavior change to build trust?
Determine a change management model that
can be used at the U.S. branch and provide justification.
Based on your evaluation of the challenges that the
U.S. branch is currently facing, choose from the following change
management models:
Kotter’s change management model, Lewin’s change
management model, or ADKAR change management model
How would you use this model at the U.S. branch?
Describe the steps needed to implement the
change management model at the U.S. branch. Support your response with
How would you mitigate and remove any roadblocks in
the change management process?
What are your plans to deal with the impact of planned
and/or unplanned changes and any contingencies?
What milestones need to be accomplished for change
implementation to succeed?
How would you measure the success of your change
management plan?


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