Write a paragraph about each that provides a brief character analysis in which you compare (how are they alike?) or contrast (how are they different?) the characters of Sasa and Lejla. Create a topic sentence for each paragraph that indicates the focus and direction of your analysis. Consider their behaviors, acts, and character traits as the basis of your discussion. Provide two or three examples from each text to support your analysis. DO NOT summarize the stories; just focus on analyzing two or three specific examples, explaining HOW they illustrate or support your point.
Some questions to consider might include:
How do the men in their lives or their relationships with those men contribute to each woman’s experience, including their survival?
How are Sasa and Lejla affected or used because they are women?
How does each woman become a weapon of war?
What decisions or character traits allow Lejla to survive, and what decisions or character traits lead to Sasa’s death?
These questions are provided simply as a starting point – feel free to use them or to follow your own thoughts. Support your argument with specific references to the texts, and use appropriate in-text or parenthetical citations.


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