Descriiption of the assignment:
Thriving in the post-Covid retail landscape.
How LULU LEMON will adapt to changes in fashion shopping behaviour.
The assignment should be approached as follows:
• Choose a particular brand and apply your answer in that context.
Specific instructions:
It’s essential you:
• Include recent and relevant reliable sources to strengthen your argument.
• Refer to relevant theories, strategies and practice learnt in the course.
• Follow the report template provided.
• The report must include a minimum of seven references (Harvard Style, in alphabetical order) and in-text referencing.
Desk research
your chosen fashion brand
LULULEMON situation analysis including, but not limited to,
competitor/successful brands – examples of what they are doing
customer persona
trends in post-covid consumer behaviour
trends in digital marketing –
Digital channels – social media, email etc
Analysis and synthesis
consider where [brand] is now and what their priorities should be for the 1-3 years ahead given your research
Situation Analysis
Customer Persona



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