Here are the questions you should answer:
What does TRSB hope to accomplish by using social media? Outline TRSB’s main objectives for social media marketing.
Based on the objectives above, TRSB will need to craft a set of messages that are targeted to the various social media channels. What are some things that the company might want to convey with these messages?
For each of the objectives above, TRSB will need to define and measure success. What specific metrics should the company track to achieve this goal?
Take a good look at TRSB’s web presence. Perform a set of searches on search engines for terms that are related to TRSB’s business and see which of the company’s content shows up in the results. Simultaneously, look at the company’s competitors’ web presence. How good is TRSB’s web presence as compared to its competitors? What are some things you would do to improve the situation?
Do a similar exercise as in question 4 on TRSB’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence. How is it faring against competition, particularly on LinkedIn? What suggestions would you have for the company to improve its marketing on LinkedIn?
Take a close look at Exhibit 3 from the TRSB case study (reproduced below):
2016 Marketing Budget
Activities Budget
Trade shows/Conferences $35,000
Sponsorships $15,000
Offline advertising $15,000
Online advertising $20.000
Networking $5,000
Product promotion $7,500
Total $97,500
The new year’s marketing budget has gone up from $97,000 to $250,000. Now that we have a really good understanding of what we want to accomplish through marketing, (from the answers to the first 5 questions above), how would you allocate the new budget to various marketing campaigns/initiatives?
Here are some basic guidelines for completing this exercise:
Decide how much you want to split between digital and non-digital.
Does it makes sense to keep the digital budget at 20%? Or should it increase? For this, you can look at general industry figures for advertising for typical B2B businesses.
Then decide how you want to break up the digital pieces. For example, how much for search and content optimisation, how much for social media advertising, etc.


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