Identify and compare the two state agencies overseeing the practice of nurses. (BELOW IS THE TWO STATE AGENCIES FOR GEORGIA, which is the state that I reside)
-Georgia Nurse practice act
-Georgia Rules and Regulation
List the professions included in the nurse practice
If APN: indicate the type (delineated /not delineated) – nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, certified registered nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse
Describe LPN capabilities according to the NPA for each state (e., pass medications, IVs?).
List any professions or job titles other than that of a nurse (e.g., dialysis tech, community health worker, nurse’s aide, medication aide, massage therapist, ).
List any protected professional titles (i.e., prohibitions against anyone not possessing a license calling her/himself an RN, LPN or APN).
Describe rules for the Board of Nursing (or its equivalent).
How many members are required?
Must the board represent certain specialties of nursing?
If so, what are those specialties?
If the Board of Nursing does not require APN members, is there some other board or council or committee or other entity that specifically oversees APN practice?
If so, is there a requirement that physicians be members of this other board/council/committee, and if so, how many?
Define delegation restrictions in each state (limits to the kinds of tasks an RN can delegate and to whom the RN can delegate those tasks).
Continuing education requirements, if any, for each type of nurse delineated in the NPA. (Note: APNs might have different requirements from other types of nurses).
Criminal background check
Scope of the APNs or APRNs Role:
If APNs are delineated in the NPA, must they possess separate RN and APN licenses in order to practice as an APN?
Are APNs required to have a graduate degree and/or certification specific to their type of APN?
The requirement for an APN to practice: Must there be physician oversight? If so, is it: Supervision (written or unwritten agreements) or collaboration (written or unwritten agreements)? Alternatively, can APNs practice independently?
Are APNs regulated by the same body as other nurses (e.g., the Board of Nursing, or its equivalent)? The Board of Medicine? Both the Board of Nursing and Board of Medicine? Some other entity (e.g., Department of Health)?
Are APNs allowed to prescribe medication? Are they allowed to prescribe controlled substances? If so, which schedules are they allowed to prescribe (options include some or all of Schedules V, IV, III, and II). Does their prescriiptive authority require supervision or collaboration of a physician?
Identify any nurse license compacts (special agreements with states so that nurses may practice across state lines)?


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