Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety
The unit readings provide an extensive understanding of multiple disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. For this discussion, choose one of the following cases:
Julia: A 14 year-old who is refusing to go to school after being bullied. She reports feeling nervous and complaining of a stomach ache when she thinks about going to school.
Robert: A 12 year-old boy who was recently placed into foster care after his mother passed away. His foster mom reports that he will not come out of his room, is refusing to eat, and states all he wants to do is sleep.
Amelia: A 17 year-old female who has recently dropped out of high school. Her mom reports severe mood swings and that she cannot predict from one day to the next what Amelia’s is going to do or say. She states that one day, Amelia will not get out of bed, and the next day, she is bouncing off of the walls. Amelia states that she feels like she is “going crazy.”
Paul: A six year-old boy who is reported to be sleeping in school and “not himself.” His teachers report that he is very tearful and cannot focus. Paul’s dad reports that his twin sister was recently diagnosed with cancer and that Paul has been upset over it, but that they do not have time to focus on him at home. He has noticed that Paul is having a hard time sleeping and keeps vigil next to his sister’s bed at night.
In your post:
State the child’s diagnosis. Include specific diagnosis criteria from the DSM-5.
Provide a summary of the indicators and issues that need to be addressed while working with a child with this disorder.
Describe an evidence-based intervention you would apply to a child with this disorder. Provide at least one reference.
*Disregard the response to peers portion in the scoring guide.


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