Write results “only two paragraph about main similarities between adolescents and parents and two paragraph about main difference adolescents and parents” ” and discussion sections. For discussion section write summary of the study purpose and key finding. Then do paragraph of each key findings and how it is similar/different/extended to same topic in the literature. What is the limitations and implications of this study in research and practice and limitations. The dissertation manuscript about “ADOLESCENTS’ WITH SPINA BIFIDA AND PARENTS’ PERCEPTIONS OF ENGAGING IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES”.
Address these points under discussion section, it is comments from instructors:
– similar to other kids: These comments seem to refer to the concept of normalization that you can mention in your article Discussion section.
– These sound like supportive families that you interviewed. Studies have shown that increased parental responsiveness is associated with the adolescent’s with SB coping
-Adolescents male preferred to engage in activities with dad could be because gender preference as boy more connected to dad and vise verso. Also, discuss the only one adolescent-parent dyad of adolescent girl and mother. The girl were so connected to her mom and identified her as best friend.
-Talk about how theoretical concept supported or not in this research. I think theory help organize and direct the research, but the author did not explicitly define or describe each concepts and subconcepts which give me hard time to clearly defined each concepts from the literature. You may talk about how data findings could help the conceptual framework. In addition, talk about how we could expand bio-neuropsychosocial model from data of this research.
-Discuss about supportive family relationship through all participants of the study, because due to literature there is conflict family relationship with SB children and adolescent (check this point)
Use APA style. I will attach dissertation manuscript, all codes, please look at it, and sample articles that I used from literature. let me know if you have any questions


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