Title: Proposal to Implement a Mobile Barcode Medication
Administration (BCMA) Device/ Application in a
Emergency Department Setting
Methodology chapter
This chapter describes how you accomplished your project.
Begin by describing the approach to the project you chose and why this approach was the most appropriate.
Next, detail every step of the process.
Although this section varies depending on approach, many of the following areas typically are addressed:
• Descriiption of the reviewers or participants
• Descriiption of the project design
• Development of instrument, tool or method for obtaining feedback (surveys, interviews, observation, content analysis)
• Identification of themes/categories
This section should be about 4 pages and content should be separated with APA first and second level headings as appropriate.
Chapter 3 will explain how you accomplished your capstone’s purpose and how your reviewers evaluated the project. You will describe what tool (minutes, transcriipts, pre-test/post-test) you created to solicit feedback. This chapter you will not have citations or sources and will not discuss another scholars’ work. You will describe:
1. The activity type selected (PowerPoint presentation, brochure, pamphlet).
2. Explanation of the selection of the content included or excluded from the activity selected.
3. Descriiption of the selection of reviewers (expertise or stakeholders) and why they were selected


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