800 words with APA format & citations
Describe the importance of a crisis management team. Please provide a relevant example
Crisis Preparation and assessing crisis types (FOR YOU ONLY examples: Rumors, Workplace violence, challenges, technical error accidents, human error accidents)
Selecting and training a crisis management team
Group Decision making (FOR YOU ONLY EXAMPLES: Released decision making, analytical decision making, group decision making
According to our course text book readings, please identify, explain and describe two crisis types. Furthermore, relate your selected crisis types to personal and/or current events. (Mentioned types earlier, workplace violence, challenges and so on
Developing a crisis Management plan (FOR YOU ONLY EXAMPLE: explain values & components like introduction, acknowledgment form, rehearsal dates page, first action page, crisis management team contact sheet, crisis risk assessment section)
What’s the crisis communication system
What does it mean to sell the crisis and what is crisis framing?
Expertise of the dominant coalition
plus 2nd assignment


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