1. Discuss the following theories that underpin academic literature on corporate governance: agency theory, stewardship theory and stakeholder theory. Critically evaluate these theories with their strengths and weaknesses. State which theory, in your opinion, best explains the governance mechanism of the two companies you selected. 30% LO2
2. Compare and contrast the governance structure of the two companies you have selected 20% LO4
3. For your chosen companies, discuss whether the companies have fulfilled their legal requirements (focus on reporting requirements and recommendations set out in the Guidance on Risk Management, Internal Control and Related Financial and Business Reporting – 2014) 20% LO1-4
4. For your chosen companies, compare and contrast the directors’ remuneration strategy (with reference to the relationship between pay and performance) 20% LO1-4
5. Presentation and use of appropriate references 10% LO1-4

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