2 PAGE ESSAY which you will research another culture(UNITED KINGDOM) and explain the differences that would affect business communication practices.
You will:
What is the geography of the country you are studying?
What is the country’s history?
What role does religion play in the culture?
Describe 3 major factors that influence the country or region’s culture.
Describe the impact of culture on views and practices concerning human relationships
Time: monochromic or polychromic
Frankness: low-context or high-context
Social Hierarchy: social classes and/or class status
Expression of emotions
Explain why cultural awareness of your selected country is important for today’s workplace communicators (pages 59-76)
Acknowledge benefits of workplace diversity
Practice empathy
Appreciate those who are different from us
Understand ourselves better
Presentational Guidelines
Attached is the evaluation form for this presentation.
Use the same speech and PPT structure.
To organize your thoughts, think about your presentation in three parts:
Opening (Introduction) – Brief introduction (attention getter, relevance link, credibility, & thesis preview)
Main Ideas (Body) – 3 main points
Closing (Conclusion) – State thesis review and clincher (closing statement)


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