Here are 4 questions to answer 3. I have included helpful resources to help you answer them. The answers you write should be thorough, clear, logical, and well written (no point form). Each answer should be about 800 words, that is 2 to 2 1/2 pages using time Roman 12 Font.
1- Urban planning occurs within multiple types of contexts. Explain and discuss, with examples, the legal, political, economic, social and technological contexts. When possible, use Winnipeg as an example.
2- Explain and discuss, in detail and with examples, three (3) major contemporary planning issues within the context of Winnipeg urban development.
3- Explain the development of urban planning in Canada from the postwar reconstruction (1950) period to 2000. What were the main characteristics of the periods and the urban outcome?
4- Explain and discuss, with examples, some of Canada’s major new emerging urban form in terms of mixed used and segregates use for commercial and residential focus within the context of Winnipeg urban development.


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