Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.please answer question 8 and any other two questions.Discussion questions1. What were wages and working conditions like for women who worked in the Flint, Michigan auto factories in the 1930s? What the attitudes employers had towards women workers?2. Why did General Motors workers want to join the United Auto Workers? What methods did the UAW use to organize the workers? Why was it especially difficult to convince many of the wives of male workers to support the union?3. How did the sit-down strike begin at the Fisher No.1 plant in Flint? Why did women form an auxiliary to support the strikers?4. How did women provide support and leadership during the sit-down strike? What obstacles did they face within the union at first? What kinds of opposition did they face in the community?5. What did the Women’s Emergency Brigade do? How did it build solidarity in Flint and other automotive cities?6. Why did the union target the Chevrolet No. 4 plant? How did the WEB protect the sit-down strikers in that plant? What was the result of these actions?7. What was the overall significance of the Women’s Emergency Brigade? Why did the UAW disband the brigade after the strike?8. Ultimately, after watching the full documentary, why do you think the auto workers of Flint were able to win their strike against one of the most powerful auto companies in the world?


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