The process of democratization brings about both support and resistance. To begin, read the following articles:
Kissane, B. (2014, February 22). Few have ever doubted the quality of Robert Dahl’s work. Retrieved from The London School of Economics: )
Diamond, L. (2013, Winter). Why wait for democracy? Retrieved from The Wilson Quarterly:
Choose a country (Romania) currently in the process of democratization and address the following in the context of the past ten years:
Describe measures taken by political leaders in your chosen country to democratize its political process.
Describe the ways in which the country’s political leaders have resisted democratization.
Analyze the progress of your chosen country based on criteria by Dahl or Diamond.
Be warned: there is to be no cutting and pasting of Internet information in this paper. All sources must be properly cited.
Your research paper should be 6-8 pages in length (double spaced), with approximately 6 outside sources. The articles listed in this assignment do not count towards the required 6 outside sources (See “About Sources for the Research Paper” below.)
Full Sentence Outline
Please prepare a full sentence outline of your paper. Your thesis statement must be at the top of your outline. A full sentence outline is similar to a topic outline but requires a full sentence at each level of the outline. Quotes listed in your outline must utilize in-text citations. A reference list should be included on a separate page.
If you are unfamiliar with full sentence outlines, please check out the link below or contact your professor for help:


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