Write a two-page review of the film that clearly explains how it handles American history. Compare fact to fiction by incorporating clear examples of the movie supporting or distorting recorded history. On the third page, please include a Works Cited Page of your sources used to aid you in the analysis of the film from a historical perspective. Do not use the film itself as one of your three minimum sources. The purpose of this assignment is for you to select a Hollywood film involving the history of the United States. In reviewing the movie, explain how it supports the recorded history of the nation or distorts it. Please include a Works Cited Page of the three sources (Internet, book, and scholarly journal/magazine). AGAIN, DO NOT USE TEXTBOOKS, DICTIONARIES, OR ENCYCLOPEDIAS AS SOURCES. I have chosen the following films for you to make your selection: *see attachment* ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE TYPED (DOUBLE-SPACED/ 12 FONT/ ONE-INCH MARGINS). SOURCES–Use three different legitimate sources—A BOOK (EXCLUDES Textbooks, Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias—THIS INCLUDES WIKIPEDIA–You may find sources from viewing Wikipedia entries) SCHOLARLY JOURNAL or MAGAZINE, and an INTERNET source. Utilize sources that aid you in discovering historical information or background in each writing assignment.


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