Answer the following questions as thoroughly as you can with an essay of no less than one page each (double spaced). Be sure to use your own words in each answer and to use any concepts ideas theories examples or data from our course materials and class sessions that are relevant to formulating and explaining your answers. 1- in what ways is religion a social phenomenon? Is it a form of social solidarity? What about those who see it primarily as a form of individual faith or belief? How is it connected to politics? To inequality? To culture? To gender? To the forms of work or material life of a community or society? To community self-identity? Give as many relevant examples as you can. 2-Discuss how work and technology have interacted and changed society over the past 100 years and more recently. Where do you see the future of work going? What changes in social life habits norms and social policies will be needed to deal with the changes in work organization or the effects of technology in the near future?

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