he Effects of Culture on Personality Development [WLOs: 1, 2] [CLOs: 1, 4]Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapters 16 and 17 in the textbook, Are Indigenous Personality Dimensions Culture Specific? Philippine Inventories and the Five-Factor Model (Links to an external site.), and Culture and Self: Implications for Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation (Links to an external site.). In addition, review Discover Yourself: Cultural Implications on Personality Types (Links to an external site.), review Cultural Understandings of Personality (Links to an external site.) and watch the film Psychology of Religion.

Psychologists who study culture and personality claim that the culture in which we are raised has a big impact on how our personality develops and is expressed. Choose a concrete example from your life of from the life of someone you know well that illustrates this phenomenon. The cultural influences can be ethnic, religious, political, social, and so forth. In this discussion,

  • Describe the cultural influence and detail how it has impacted the personality of the individual you are profiling. Use concepts from the various theories you have studied in this class. Samples of elements that can be explored in this discussion include:
    • Was the dominant culture of your childhood or your subject’s childhood individualistic or collective?
    • Did you or your subject grow up in a very religious home? A commune? A rural or urban area?
    • How has your family’s ethnicity impacted your or your subject’s personality?
    • Did your or your subject’s family and culture value education? Did they value it equally for both genders?
    • How does your or your subject’s gender impact your role in the culture? Did you have any personality traits that were out of sync with the dominant culture of your childhood?


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