What is the most significant influence of social heuristics on social roles? Why? Are heuristic strategies more likely than controlled deliberate self-control in prosocial behaviors? Explain. Are these strategies more likely in situations that require time or money? Why or why not? 350, APA format, 3 peer review journal articles

Rather than using heuristics, people will use other shortcuts that may result in error. Provide an example of when we might use an alternative shortcut to efficient decision making and argue for why that shortcut would be the most likely shortcut. What is the potential source of error? Justify your response. 350, APA format, 3 peer review journal articles

What is the influence of culture on social mores and personal values? Explain. To what extent, if any, does cognitive dissonance affects our attitude, culture representations, and the application of a Christian worldview? Support your position. 350, APA format, 3 peer review journal articles


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