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Explain and analyze the different plans for or phases of Reconstruction. Evaluate the successes and failures of Reconstruction. What can we learn about Reconstruction from Jourdan Anderson’s letter?

Be clear, specific and precise. Demonstrate that you have read/viewed and understood the material. Use your own words. Only use your text and the materials provided for you in Canvas. Submit one initial post before midnight Friday (minimum 100-200 words) and one substantive classmate response (minimum 75 words) before midnight Sunday. All responses must be properly cited using either MLA, APA, or Chicago. Remember that you must do more than just say that you liked what someone wrote. You must substantively add to the discussion. Posts must be in complete sentences and proofread. Classmate response posts that simply talk about how someone made a good point and you liked it or agreed with it, without delving into the substance of the content will not earn any points. Your posts must be substantive and add to the discussion in order to earn credit.


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