Consumer-centered mental health education: Consumer-centered mental health care implies that mental health consumers are active participants in their care and that they are involved in shared decision making with nurses and other health professionals.

For this to occur, consumers and their families/care takers might require information and education regarding specific mental disorders and the range of therapeutic approaches and mental health services that are available.

Nurses frequently provide mental health education to a diverse range of consumers and their families, in a variety of health care settings, including inpatient units, emergency departments, general practices, and community health services.

Referring to evidence-based literature, discuss the benefits of mental health education for a selected consumer group or their families/care takers (must choose only ONE selected consumer group such as homelessness, depression, schizophrenia etc), examine the skills nurses require to provide effective education, consider any potential barriers to providing education for the selected consumer or family group, and discuss how you can apply these findings to your own nursing practice development.


Introduction (10 marks): Introduces the topic and outlines the purpose of the essay. Identifies the selected consumer/family group. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the definition of consumer-centered care. Demonstrates a clear understanding of consumer and family education.

Discussion of the benefits of education for the selected consumer/family group (10 marks)

Considers potential barriers to effective education with the selected group (10 marks)

Discusses the skills required by nurses delivering consumer education (10 marks)

Discusses the relevance of the findings for own nursing practice development (10 marks)

Conclusion (5 marks)

Summarizes the major findings of the discussion Concludes the discussion Combined (5 marks)


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