Global Customs and Protocol

Technology has made the world seem small and doing business throughout the world is commonplace. Cultural sensitivities are paramount for managers who will engage in international business. This week’s discussion focused on CQ & Culture; here we will apply the concept to multicultural and international workplaces. There are many government, private, and public websites and databases that provide rich information on countries. This is your opportunity to use a company and government resource for research.

Session Long Project 2 Resources

Don’t let culture eat your strategy for breakfast (2020)What Is Culture, Anyhow? Values, Customs, and Language (2020)What Are the Key Methods Used to Describe Cultures? (2020)Importance of International Management (2019)Cross-Cultural Assignments (2019)

SLP Assignment

Using the information from the website, provide a brief explanation for each dimension (Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation, and Indulgence). (1/2 page)

Go to Country Insights and select two countries plus the United States and complete the table below. Think about the countries you select and consider the makeup of your local workforce when deciding because you will use the data in a real-world application. NOTE: the countries analyzed here will not be used in other course assignments


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