To improve your own health literacy and ability to promote important public health initiatives, define the following terms within a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Define/summarize each term in your own words and support each with a relevant image. Find two additional terms not found on the list below that relate to health literacy, public health, or health education. Include these in your final presentation.
  2. Use your creativity to illustrate each term. Your presentation should be clear, well organized, and concise. You may illustrate related terms on the same slide.

Terminology to include:

  • health advocacy
  • health disparities
  • health literacy
  • prevalence
  • health behavior
  • health care management
  • health communication
  • health education
  • health promotion
  • population health
  • public health
  • wellness
  • two additional terms using your own research

Your PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 12-15 slides, not including the Title and Reference slides. Creative images can be found using Internet websites, scholarly articles, textbooks, etc. Your References slide should list the bibliographical information for each image you use to illustrate the required terms. Your presentation should contain the following:


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