National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

In 1878, congress authorized the US Marine Hospital Service, the precursor to the Public Health Service, to collect morbidity reports on cholera, smallpox, plague, and yellow fever from US consuls overseas. For the most part, these diseases have been eradicated, but the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System remains in place.

Using the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Summary of notifiable infectious diseases ( to an external site.), select three diseases and investigate and analyze the number of cases reported in three consecutive years. Explain the reason these diseases are included on the surveillance list, and then analyze the most recent three years of data addressing trends in the statistics for all three diseases.

Visit the NNDSS pageLinks to an external site. on the CDC’s website and investigate the case definition.

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to two peers who posted on at least one different notifiable disease. Imagine you are a health care provider and explain why this information would be important for your health care practice/facility. Discuss the protocols that occur when more than one case is reported.


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