According to Marieb, Mitchell, and Smith (2013):

In addition to learning about chemical digestion, this week you are also asked to identify features and functions of the urinary system. The urinary system consists of the paired kidneys and ureters as well as the urinary bladder and urethra, all of which are important in urine formation. Removal of waste, control of blood pressure, and acid-base regulation are critical functions of the urinary system. (p. 611)

The learning objective for Week 7 in the laboratory course is to identify the features of the urinary/renal system. We will look at the histology and anatomy of this system through the models and microscopic slides seen in your Laboratory Manual. To successfully complete this assignment, first read the following exercise from the Laboratory Manual: Exercise 40 Anatomy of the Urinary System.


Marieb, E. N., Mitchell, S. J., & Smith, L. A. (2013). Human anatomy &           physiology laboratory manual (11th ed.). [Fetal Pig version]. San           Francisco, CA: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

Student Discussion Assignment

  1. Briefly trace and discuss the flow of blood in the human kidney.
  2. Briefly identify the structure and trace the development of urine production in the human kidney.
  3. View the anatomical models Figure 40.2 and Figure 40.6 (a) from your Laboratory Manual and identify the structures that are described by the following abbreviated statements. Post your brief responses in the threaded Discussion Area below:
    1. Storage of urine after leaving the kidney
    2. Function of the urethra
    3. Location of the juxtaglomerular apparatus (JGA)
    4. Component/function of the JGA
  4. View the photomicrograph slide Figure 40.7 from your Laboratory Manual and identify the microscopic structures indicated by a leader line, number, or bracket. In the threaded Discussion Area below, briefly describe the function of:
    1. Figure 40.7 proximal convoluted tubule
    2. Figure 40.7 distal convoluted tubule
    3. Figure 40.7 glomerular capillary space


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